Solar PV World Expo 大庄家彩票彩金 (Formerly: PV Guangzhou )

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Preview of PV Guangzhou 2020

As the largest solar PV expo in South China大庄家彩票彩金, PV Guangzhou 大庄家彩票彩金 is going to cover a show floor to 40,000 sq.m, with 600 quality exhibitors displaying all range of pv products. We have welcome featured exhibitors like JA Solar, Chint Solar, Mibet, Yingli Solar, LONGi, Hanergy, LU’AN Solar, Growatt, Goodwe, Solis, IVNT, AKCOME, SOFARSOLAR, Toyray Solar, SAJ, CSG PVTECH, UNIEXPV,  Afore, Kingfeels, Fivestar Solar, Horad, Sangong Intelligent 大庄家彩票彩金, SINHONGHUA, AUTO-ONE,  Yeniu Automation,  APsystems, SAKO, Sunrise, Aerpal, ALLGRAND BATTERY, NPP Power, ALLTOP Photoelectric, Remote Power, Senergy, Titanergy,  Amerisolar, Solar-log, Sopray, etc.


Concurrent expos:

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  • Raw Material
  • PV Panel/Cell/Module
  • Inverter/Controller/Connectors/Cables
  • PV Bracket/Accessories/PV Systems
  • Production /Monitoring/Testing 大庄家彩票彩金
  • PV Application/Solar lighting
  • Mobile supplies/Storage Battery
  • Others



Contact Us

Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group

Contact Person: Ms. Mandy Tsang

Tel:(+86) 20 29037372

Mobile/Whatapp/Wechat: (+86) 15918775956


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